1. Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad
By: Ellen Levine

Summary: This is a true story about a slave named Henry “Box” Brown. Henry worked on a lot where his master treated him and his family very well, but he was given to the master’s son and was forced to say a sorrowful goodbye to his family. He ends up meeting a woman named Nancy who he later marries and has children with her.  They were all sold at the slave market, but they secretly mailed Henry to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The moment Henry arrived in Philadelphia is the moment Henry became a free slave. This would be a good book to read to children for social studies, when they are learning about slavery. 

Characters: Henry "Box" Brown, Nancy
Setting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Theme: Slavery

2. My Great Aunt Arizona
By: Gloria Houston

Summary: This is a story about a little girls Great Aunt Arizona. Arizona was a hard worker and a great teacher. It goes through explaining all about Arizona and finally Aunt Susie invites her to live with her and do chores and study hard. She later returns to her home at Henson Creek and marries the carpenter who helped build the new riverside school and became Mrs. Hughes; but the kid called her “Miz Shoes.” Great Aunt Arizona would always talk about going to faraway places and eventually she died on her 93rd birthday. They said she never did go to those faraway places but she was always in their heart.

Characters: Great Aunt Arizona, Aunt Susie, a little girl- Mrs. Hughes 
Setting: Henson Creek
Theme: Hard work

3. We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States
By: David Catrow

Summary: This book recites the entire constitution but makes it sort of funny and from a kids standpoint. When it says, “establish justice” the little girl has a sign that reads “Rules: 1. Fair 2. Share 3. No Pulling Hair.” It introduces children to the constitution but the book shows the kids how other children may have viewed it.

Characters: No real characters
Setting: No real setting
Theme: Social Studies

4. What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?
By: Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Summary: This book would be perfect to talk to children about different parts of the body and explain how different animals use different parts of the body in different ways. It goes through and explains what animals use their body parts for. 

Characters: Animals
Setting: No real setting
Theme: Body Parts

5. Around the World
By: Matt Phelan

Summary: Around the World is about three people who travel the world in 80 days or less. In 1884, former miner Thomas Stevens made the journey on a bicycleIn 1889, pioneer reporter Nellie Bly embarked on a global race against time that assumed the heights of spectacle. And in 1895, retired sea captain Joshua Slocum set sail on a thirty-six-foot sloop, braving pirates and treacherous seas to become the first person to sail around the world alone.

Characters: Thomas Stevens, Nellie Bly, Joshua Slocum 
Setting: Earth
Theme: Social Studies

6. Killer Whales
By: Seymour Simon

Summary:  This book is very informative because it describes the physical characteristics, habits, natural environment, and behavior in captivity of killer whales. There are a lot of specific interesting facts in this book as well. 

Characters: No real characters
Setting: Oceans
Theme: Whales

7. Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave
By: Laban Carrick Hill

Summary: This story is about a slave named Dave who made a name for himself while he was a slave. Dave worked on pottery and lost a leg in a railroad accident. But his most distinctive feature was the mark he left below a pot’s lip. Sometimes he signed his name and put the date. Other times he wrote verse, usually a short rhyme. Most slaves were illiterate but Dave was not, which shocked most people. 

Characters: Dave
Setting: South Carolina
Theme: Slavery

8. The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
By: Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen

Summary: Ms. Frizzle asks her class to bring in rocks but everyone seems to have an excuse. Therefore she takes them to find rocks in a random field and dig down to the center of the Earth. It talks about different rocks and lava. 

Characters: Ms. Frizzle, Arnold, Wanda and Phil
Setting: Class and a field 
Theme: Science 

9. Here Are My Hands
By: Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault

Summary: It shows how you can use different body parts for different things. 

Characters: No real characters
Setting: No real setting

Theme: Life

10. The Man Who Walked Between The Towers
By: Mordicai Gerstein

Summary: Phillipe walked between the Twin Towers on a wire, just because he wanted to. The Police tried to get him down but he said he was a performer. The judge ended up sentencing him to perform for the kids in Central Park. After the towers fell they say they will actually remain there forever. 

Characters: Phillipe Petit
Setting: New York City
Theme: Social Studies 

11. The Tiny Seed
By: Eric Carle

Summary: A wind blows seeds up near the sun, and one lands on a mountain, one in an ocean, and one in the desert. A bird doesn't see the one tiny seed and it eats a different seed. Finally, the seed grows into a beautiful flower.

Characters: A bird
Setting: Multiple settings
Theme: Nature

12. The Tooth Book
By: Edward Miller

Summary: This book talks about how all animals have teeth. It also talks about different parts of a tooth, tooth decay and ways to keep your teeth healthy. 

Characters: No real characters
Setting: No real setting
Theme: Hygiene

13. Johnny Appleseed
By: Jodie Shephard

Summary: This is a story about Johnny Appleseed's life.

Characters: Johnny Appleseed- Johnny Chapman, Elizabeth
Setting: Massachusetts
Theme: American History

14. Living Sunlight How Plants Bring the Earth
By: Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm

Summary: This book explains how important plants are to us and our environment. It goes into detail about exactly what they do for us. 

Characters: A boy
Setting: Earth
Theme: Science

15. Mrs. McNash Hangs Up Her Wash
By: Sarah Weeks

Summary: Mrs. McNosh hangs up all her wash on the clothes line.

Characters: Mrs. McNosh
Setting: Wash line outside
Theme: Humor



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